Superior Essex & LS Cable

B to B Communication


You have not yet planned a sensational cinema advertising campaign? You don’t have a particular packaging requirement?

You have not planned the launching of a new product?


Don’t panic! We can deploy every aspect of your communication. Brochures, invitation cards, advertising inserts,
corporate presentations, internet sites, booths, on site photo shooting, events, goodies…

From creation to production, Principe Actif is here to guide you.


As we have done for many years with Superior Essex & LS Cable

(Manufacturers of copper wire and power cables respectively).

___________________   Client communication   ___________________

# Trade fair invitation cards

# Booklets

# Industrial photo shooting

_________   Berlin, Hanover and Manchester exhibitions   _________

# 3D booth design and model for a professional exhibition.

# Booth set up and installation for a trade fair.


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