Momento Mojito:
Creation and Making of a delivery tricycle Mojitos bar

Conception of a unique piece


What could be better to communicate one’s new universe than to exhibit it on a delivery tricycle storming the roads and bars of
the whole of Europe? A marketing activation thought by Havana Club for its 3 year range: a tricycle that serves as a mobile bar
for Mojitos and that has to reflect its new visual identity.


Here is an idea that seduced us at once at Principe Actif!

After a competition between agencies, we are responsible for the design and conception of the 2 tricycle versions.



# Proposition of several designs directly inspired from the new Havana Club 3 years old “Human Touch” brand identity, which reflects the vitality, spontaneity and diversity of Cuba.



# Some creative elements centered around the colour yellow and the coloured drawings thought up by Cuban artists that we use and adapt in order to perfect the 2 bicycles.



# We have partnered with a Parisian tricycle manufacturer, in order to give life to our creative ideas and find the technical solutions to a double challenge: build a tricycle which looks authentic, life-like and which use of is practical and conform.



# From the choice of materials (sheet metal, wood)
and the organisation of the box space to the selection
of accessories and personalisation, going through
the painting stage, we follow the creation of the tricycle
from A to Z.


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