“7 days in Havana” glass gift boxes

The making of event objects


In 2012, the film “7 days in Havana”, sponsored by ‘Havana club’ was presented at the Cannes Festival.

This is when we entered the scene.

Our Mission


# To decline the film’s universe on 8 glasses and a gift box intended for employees and customers worldwide.

The glasses


# The serigraphy decoration we created are directly inspired from the film posters’ designed by the Cuban artist Nelson Ponce.

Each of these posters relate a story, one day in Havana.

The gift box


# To put the glasses together and symbolize
the 7 days in Havana, we created the shape
and graphics of a collector’s box. Cylinder, parallelepiped, tetrahedron, every possible shape and volume has been considered.

The design itself is a patchwork of posters, imaging a heterogeneous and modern Cuba,
a message that the film sends.

Finally, to conclude the project, we have ensured the worldwide distribution of these gift boxes.


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