Chivas 25 new graphic identity

Production of marketing articles


The launching of the Chivas 25’s new graphic chart was an important moment, and we took care of the design of the marketing and event items to make this unique.  Exceptional items were created for the Cannes Festival as well as for Hong Kong and Shanghai airports.


# A limited edition of travel-trunks were made, reminding us of transatlantic liners or the Orient-Express train period.  Designed by our craftsmen and women, these cases covered with a canvas coating (with the Chivas screen-printed monogram) were made to measure by a French trunk-maker.

# The black lacquered Cannes Festival gift boxes and booklets, designed by us,

were offered to the jury members.

# The glorifiers and displays, leather and glass furniture, were exhibited in the Duty Free shops of big Asiatic airports,
or in the lounge of the Martinez Hotel, invested by Chivas during the festival.

# Men’s leather goods (belts and wallets) also inspired by the visual identity of Chivas 25.


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