Chivas 18 Limited edition Pininfarina

Photo shooting and retouching


Chivas Regal called upon the famous car designer, Pininfarina, to think up a limited edition of tasting gift boxes:
The 18-year Chivas by Pininfarina. The aerodynamic design of these unique boxes,
called “The drop” (la goutte), is directly inspired by air and liquid.
The blue gift boxes recall a pure drop as well as a cutting edge oak barrel.

For event campaigns, our mission was to take care of the photo shooting, retouching and special effects, aiming at emphasizing this air and movement design. These photographs have been at the forefront/front cover of articles showing the collaboration between Chivas and Pininfarina. These photographs have also been seen on the hoarding boards of Piccadilly .

Prototype making


Pininfarina has since designed other incredible creations: On this occasion, our responsibility was to make prototypes
of tasting gift boxes and individual cases.


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