Havana Club Prestige Range:

Seleccion De Maestros, Tributo, Union, Maximo

Consulting & packaging development


Principe Actif thinks big for ICONICA, the Havana Club Prestige range. This Havana Club premium range destined for connoisseurs,
is composed of 5 rums: Seleccion De Maestros, Tributo, 15 ans, Union, and Maximo.

As many challenges for us, who worked on their packaging development.



# For this rum, we perfected a coloured metallic label and a fine embossing, and conceived a canister that looks like real wood.  A successful optical illusion!



# Our global know-how was involved for Tributo, to obtain quality metal boxes, cases and labels: hot foil, de-bossing, and embossing simultaneously, as well as searching for pastel colours difficult to find industrially.



With Union we took up the challenge to produce a metal label on a round bottle:

we used serigraphy on a real metal plate which perfectly follows the bottle shape.


# For the first luxury Havana rum bottle, the gift box had to be elegant and practical. This, we managed to get, by working the association between materials such as fake leather, with a pleasant touch, and golden transcripts.



# Nothing is too beautiful for Maximo, the top of the range of Havana Club.


# After having perfected Maximo’s crystal decanter, with its perfect glass bead, a glassware feat, we optimized their precious wooded gift boxes so that the bottle fits in perfectly well while being absolutely protected.

Pure Cuban luxury!


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