Embossing: the trendy technique

Perfume and alcohol gift boxes


Today, embossing has become “a must” in the world of packaging. This ancient technique allows the creation of relief patterns on paper: the pattern required is engraved on a metal plate and then the paper is placed between the engraved plate and a counter part,
and then put under pressure.


Authenticity, embellishment of the packagings, simulation of fabrics and patterns, this optic illusion art multiplies the aesthetic possibilities and tactile sensations: it has become the favourite for alcohol and perfume brands.

 Photo Jacques Boulay

 Photo Jacques Boulay

Our mission


At Principe Actif, we have observed that embossing is divided between:


# Art embossing:

A true profession for artists who can produce art master-pieces.


# Industrial embossing:

It offers luxury brand companies an embossing service, thus, reducing it to the minimum in order to produce large quantities.



We have decided to bring together these two extremes and take the best from both worlds: one, quality and excellence, the other, speed and volume.

In other words, we wanted to export to industrialists the artists’ exceptional work and this on a large scale.


This is how 3D embossing was created.



3D embossing fulfilled this objective to supply brands with a high quality embossment, at the least cost and reproducible.

 Photo Jacques Boulay

How did we get here?


#Our clients thought that beautiful and complicated embossing was necessarily a synonym of high cost.

We have proven that the way the embossing tool is made and fine tuned is determinant:


“A well-made and fine tuned tool allows us to obtain an embossment similar to an art embossment at a reasonable budget.”


The paper choice is also a key element.

We have systemised a process to industrialize a quality embossment:


# Stage 1 : Perfecting the brass embossment tool.


# Stage 2 : Testing the embossment, then, making model prototypes
(e.g.: perfume gift boxes).


# Stage 3 : After validation, transmitting the workman’s engraved tool to the industrialist. Doing a 3D scan so as to replicate industrially.


# Stage 4 : Availability of the 3D embossing tool to the brand suppliers worldwide.


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