The Havana Club 7 Años Rum

Industrial and technical development - New packaging


The Havana Club 7 Anos rum is a dark rum matured between 7 and 14 years. Long-aged and complex rum, it is the perfect ambassador of the Cuban know-how in aging and traditional production. In accordance with the brand strategy of premium labelled rums, Havana Club has decided to remodel the identity of the 7-year rum. Nothing remained untouched!

New visual identity, new bottle and new label.


This new design reflects the authenticity and deep Cuban roots of the Havana Club 7, as well as the colourful Cuba with its multiple facets, while remaining in today’s trend  of craft packaging for alcohols and spirits.

A new Havana Club 7 anos has been created. More daring and shaped, It blossoms out in its round curves and shows authenticity and audaciousness. However, what about its industrial achievability?

Our mission


As a new design should also be industrially produced, our mission has been to combine the creative run up of the Havana Club design agency with the industrial restrictions of the suppliers, in order to obtain a design also valid at the time of production, when millions of bottles are manufactured.



For this, our 3 main focuses have been:


# On the Marketing side, always respect the original identity and luxurious design of the marketing teams.


# On the Industrial side, limit investments with regards to changes in the bottling process.


# On the Financial side, respect the price range of the premium rum product, on a large scale.



Our consulting mission has therefore been double: on one side giving advice regarding development and packaging,
and on the other side being the permanent link between first, the marketing team and design agency and second, the industrial teams and logistic buyers.

How ?


In concrete terms, our collaboration with Havana Club during the 2-year development of the new Havana Club 7 consisted of:

# The investigation and approval of potential suppliers. Preliminary work meetings with the Havana Club design agency, which paves the way to a close collaboration.


# Fine tuning of the glass: making glass plans and resin models, in order to define the overall shape of the bottle.

# Trials of several different types of sloping paper materials so as to obtain a very good quality craft aspect.

# Mock-ups in industrial conditions to preview the final industrial result and validate design in marketing meetings and consumer survey: offset label printing with embossing, hot-foil and making of hollow glass models filled with rum.


# Fine-tuning of a 3D embossing tool made of flat brass in order to have a better embossing finish.

# The industrial development of the glass bottle with the glass maker: development of the trial moulds and follow up to the production line.


# Editing precise requirements specification, always with
the marketing approval.


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