Melle de Margaux’s Chocolate Corner - Bordeaux Airport

Space design


Melle de Margaux’s chocolate factory draws inspiration from the famous Margaux vineyards. The vine stalks of Médoc,
Guinettes or Perles of Médoc are as many allusions to the vineyard universe. After the installation of the first shop in Margaux,
on the chocolate factory site, Melle de Margaux decides in 2010 to value its regional roots. The brand decides to establish itself
in the heart of the Bordeaux-Merignac airport, in order to increase its brand visibility.
The project was handed over to us.

Our mission


# Translate the brand’s personality and the specificity/uniqueness of the Melle de Margaux range into an original trading concept one can appropriate.


# Suggest an ingenious and attractive organisation within a small space.


# Be present and active on the whole process, from creation to installation in the airport.

Create an attractive and unforgettable boutique


The boutique location in the airport: an ideal location where all passengers wait
before boarding the airplane. The boutique should stand out and be valorised thanks

to elegance and the originality of the products

#  We have used the link between the products and the vines, (grapes, vine stalks, Armagnac …), to reassure and seduce the passengers: Melle de Margaux being a neighbour of Chateau Margaux is very attached to the vines.

# Distinctive brand signs have been valorised:

- Original colours: blue, orange and brown have been clearly prioritised.

- Product femininity is emphasized by the elegance of the shape and volume.


# The letter M from Margaux is enlarged on several hoarding boards so as to be seen from far, no matter from which direction the passengers arrive.

# We worked on a refined and gourmet axis. The star items are placed just like jewellery, in luxury glass cases, at the top of personalised podiums.


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